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Pan Evropa

Pan Evropa LTD is a company founded in 1995 and since its very beginning has been a leading importer and distributor of the SONY Overseas S.A. Program. As of 2007 Pan Evropa establishes itself as the sole importer and distributor of PlayStation for Macedonia and Kosovo. The portfolio then expanded by including brands such as BOSE, TCL and ALLVIEW.

Etrusca Restaurants

The Etrusca Restaurants Group is a privately owned group in the U.K. and its firmly established and leading restaurateurs, Piero and Enzo have launched a further three London restaurants and a pattiserie café.

Cineplexx – Our world of cinema, since 1967

Cineplexx is a cinema company based in Austria. The company was founded in 1993, and operates mainly multiplex type cinemas and we’ve had the pleasure of cooperating with both the Macedonian and the Montenegrin branch in the field of social media.

Papillon Travel Agency

Being one of the oldest and most famous travel agency in Macedonia, Papillon TA is widely recognisable for its good quality service, organisation of visiting venues, concerts and other manifestations abroad, and a wide array of travel destinations.

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    Casa Cubana

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    Brooklyn Central Lounge Bar

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  • Piksel helped us – Pan Evropa, rebuild our online presence by creating a modern and functional web site for us. A great team to work with!

    Pan Evropa

  • On behalf of Cineplexx I have to say, we had the pleasure of acquiring the services of Piksel for a while now and must say that they are a great team of professionals that really understand social media to the core and know how to communicate our ideas to the fans.


  • We – Etrusca Restaurants, needed functional, clean and stable web sites for our restaurants and found immediate and concrete response from the management and development team at Piksel. This is a company we feel we can trust and would gladly cooperate with in the future.

    Comm. Lino Quaradeghini established the group’s first restaurant, La Spezia, back in 1951, introducing Londoners to the traditional values of Italian cooking, using fresh and simple ingredients in a creative way.

    Several years later in 1967, Lino bought Taberna Etrusca, demonstrating the confidence and knowledge that he now had in the London restaurant industry and securing his place among the finest restaurateurs in the city.

    Etrusca Restaurants are now run by two of his grandchildren, Rocco and Tara Quaradeghini, and remains one of the few privately owned groups in the U.K. They inherited their love of the business working alongside their parents.

    They have seen many changes in dining trends over the years and feel that their success is down to the uncomplicated and traditional values and policies they have inherited from their parents, and continue to apply.


    Etrusca Restaurants

  • Always ready to meet all of our demands as Biblioteka Liquor Store with an attention to detail and an individual approach to online strategy and communication Piksel is our preferred social media partner for the last year and will continue to be so in the future.

    Biblioteka Liquor Store

  • It’s easy when you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and dedicated people that understand it before you even say the words. The result? A beautifully crafted web site and a strong brand awareness on social media, that Kimbo Espresso Italiano Macedonia can be proud of.

    Kimbo Espresso Italiano Macedonia


  • Jademe – Web portal

    The newest member of our team, Jademe – Web portal, because we felt you can never have enough cooking and food portals in the world.

  • Sportfresh – Web portal

    Sportfresh is a pretty unique web service deserves a non-standard design. Being a portal that provides short and concise information on sports events the visual part is key to a successful presentation.

  • Cooltura – Web portal is a well established web portal in Macedonia that covers all the relevant cultural events. The idea here was to complete a full rebranding and redesign that would stay in line with the previously look and feel, but would be clean and sharp.

  • Film24 – Web portal

    We redesigned Film24 to meet its full potential we tried to emphasize the new features and unique content that this specialized web portal had to offer.

  • Web Portal

    With we created a complete new look of a very uniquely structured web portal was a challenge we were up for.

  • Pixel

    Our pride and joy – a portal that came out of our creative efforts and energy, and ability to transform Piksel into Pixel!

  • BIM

    Being a leader in its industry, BIM gave us the task to redesign its website which had to maintain the old corporate identity, but also be in touch with new trends. Voila! – the result.

  • Kimbo Espresso Italiano Macedonia

    As coffee lovers we had no choice, but to create a website that transposes our passion for visual simplicity combined with Kimbo Espresso Italiano Macedonia dedication.

  • YesNetwork

    Step one was to listen to the wonderful ideas and activities of this trendsetting project at the YesNetwork. Step two was to give those ideas a face lift.

  • Papillon TA

    A new website for a new era of user experience of the well-established Papillon TA.

  • Pan Evropa

    It was time to jump start Pan Evropa’s cables into a running machine that fits its powerful needs. We worked hard and the products started speaking to their customers again.

  • Ading

    The small touches make the big story and it’s very easy when you have a client like Ading that knows exactly what the want. Retouched to functional perfection!

  • Brooklyn

    A renowned modern (Brooklyn) Lounge Bar deserves a modern website. Accent was on the menu, but the second location also gave us new opportunities for ideas.

  • Ch2pter

    Freedom to be creative with no questions asked? This is the type of client everybody dreams about. We were free to show off here. We couldn’t have gone wrong with Ch2pter.